My new Grandson, John, the "Thinker" Just like his great granddad, of whom he is the namesake!

What has he got to think about in his less than a week of life on this earth?

He already knows that his parents, grandparents,  and great grandparents, along with countless aunts, uncles, cousins and friends love him beyond communication.  He knows he is healthy, loved and cared for - more than a great percentage of his world, which he does not know.

Also what he doesn't know is life as we knew it...
Sadly, it is likely that he won't know the luxury of unlocked doors in the night and a word in a handshake deal.  He may not know the smell of a baked pie cooling on the window ledge, he may learn that social interaction comes in the form of a tube...  Sadly it is likely he won't know natural manners without litigation, he won't know checks without ID, he won't know Liaise Faire... a fundamental of our Founding Fathers' criteria. 

While waiting for his birth, I was frantically texting friends and family about the progress of his arrival.  I subscribe to many news feeds, and the headline on my phone popped up, "Harry Reid is confident that the author of the litigation that drones can be used on American citizens will pass legislation".

Do WHAT? (to quote a favorite Alabama phrase of mine)  You mean my country, who I have pledged my entire earnings to, given to programs, defended overseas when things weren't exactly diplomatically perfect, can now not only spy on me, but shoot me if I am a perceived as a dissident???  What in the hell has happened to us?

I normally keep quiet on issues, I was taught that it was rude to speak of them, but I am not getting on that train when my brilliant grandson may be stopped short from fear of security, fear of retribution, fear of anything. This is America, he should feel free from those things, and should enjoy the right to think for himself, for better or worse.

How will I tell him about America?  That it is the greatest country on the planet? Of course.  That freedom and protection of citizens is first and foremost on most minds, of course.  That the American Dream is still existent and possible?  Of course.

What I cannot tell him, and pray to God Almighty that I will never have to is, Citizens of this great country are subject to voyeurism, computer discretion, and possible execution for what was once considered a personal right....

Drones on America???  DON"T GET ON THAT TRAIN!  Fight for your children and grandchildren, it is the right thing to do!

I love my country, let's preserve it and savor the things that MAKE IT GREAT!

If you get on any train, make it the "Peace Train" !



Bobetta Jones
05/26/2014 5:39pm

Great piece my friend. It makes me incredibly sad that my 10 year grandson will never know the world that I grew up in. The world is changing and most the time, it scares me out of my mind. Congrats again on your grandbaby.

Mary Eisenhower
05/26/2014 6:29pm

He can know it, Bobetta, if we just don't get on that train! I love you lady! Mary

Bruce Dale
05/26/2014 7:32pm

Just returned from Dallas to celebrate the weekend and a birthday with 5 and 7 year old grandsons. So important for them to be taught even some simple thing like why a Memorial Day. Some folks call it conservatism, I call it common sense and in fact the root of our freedom and our way of life. We cannot continue to be fearful of standing up against the likes of Haary Reid, and if we don't, we will not have the option to stand up!

05/26/2014 9:02pm

Amen, my dear friend! We have to get vocal!


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