a bas relief at Edfu Temple, Egypt
From a friend of mine, Tamer El Bendary, in Egypt:

To all my friends abroad I want to deliver a message  to you all and please be responsible to deliver it in our behalf to the media of  your countries and to your friends and families, what happened in Egypt is the people's will, we have left our houses and stayed in the streets to step Morsi  down, we the people of Egypt forced the army to take an action in our behalf, we  wanted the regime out, it's not a coup it's the people's will, please spread the  word to the world.

I post this for my friend in Egypt because he is there and in the middle of all of it.  He is one of the every day people who has suffered tremendously through all of the turmoil.  I think it is prudent to hear direct rather than hear media analysis, which can so often be subject to interpretation.  

I ask my family, friends and colleagues to please pray for Egypt, it is time for the Mother Country to have peace and the ability to enjoy life and God's great gifts. 



Ahmed Roushdy
07/20/2013 5:22pm

Thank you Mary for posting this message. Yes, it is the people's will, it is our will to get Morsi and his party out of the presidency due to many different reasons; economical, social and bringing the country down.

Thank you again, and always remember that Egypt is waiting for you to continue what you have started years ago. You are an inspiration to us all, and the development work that you have done here in Egypt and throughout the Middle East and Africa is simply amazing.

Cheers from Cairo,

07/29/2013 8:24am


Great to hear from you! I hope you are okay and I do miss everyone so much. Thank you for your kind words. I am looking forward to getting back there in the not too far future.

Meanwhile, know you are in my heart and prayers, always.

Sending you lots of love from too far away!


05/18/2016 10:27am

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